Infertility, Miscarriage, Stress, and Self-Care with Bailey Dykema, CRNA

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Bailey Dykema, CRNA

Bailey Dykema, CRNA works in Minnesota at a critical access hospital.  She has been on a four year fertility journey (IUI and IVF) and experienced a miscarriage in November 2022.

In the Pause to Remember Podcast, Episode 27, Bailey talks openly about the ups and downs she has experienced.

Listen to Bailey as she shares her experiences with:

  • PCOS, hypothalamic amenorrhea, and nutritional issues related to overtraining/HIIT workouts
  • Stress related to moving, getting married, starting a new job/career, COVID-19, infertility, financial strain of paying for fertility care, draining PTO
  • Self care including therapy, taking time off from work, changing her workouts, and Fertility Hope Yoga
    • Bailey works with Debbie Fischer at Partners (in)fertility.  Ms. Fischer has personally navigated years of infertility and loss, as a human resource background, and has been extremely helpful to Bailey.
    • Bailey talked about the importance of taking time off from work after loss.  She found help when she went to her hospital's human resource department. 
  • Community support including Hugh and Grace and Mom's In the Making  
    • Hugh & Grace is a hormone-safe, simple modern wellness company founded by a husband and wife who dealt with infertility for 14 years.  Use promo code HELLO10 for 10% off your first order.
    • Moms in the Making is a faith-based fertility support group.  They "exist to support and encourage women on their journey to becoming a mom by sharing the hope and truth of God’s Word."  Groups an be found 88 locations and virtually across the United States, Canada and Mexico and the Netherlands.
  • Compartmentalizing emotions when working as a healthcare provider and pushing yourself
  • Holistic/functional medicine approach to infertility, questioning what is in our environment, in our personal care products, and how endocrine disruptors may impact fertility
  • Bailey recommends Dr. Hopeman at the Center for Reproductive Medicine in Minneapolis

    • After recording, Bailey later said, "I see Dr. Hopeman, whom I absolutely adore and would highly recommend to anyone in Minnesota.   As an advanced practice provider myself who has done a lot of research and work on managing my hormone health, it was important to me to work with someone who was open to dialogue and would take my input and concerns seriously.  I truly feel like Dr. Hopeman acknowledges my ideas and concerns and allows me to take an active role in developing our treatment plan.  She is compassionate, up-to-date on research and always has time to talk through her opinions & recommendations with me."

Bailey has intentionally found ways to take care of herself.  In addition to some of the things discussed on the podcast, she credits monthly massages and regular acupuncture to help manage stress and support her mental health.  Circle and Bloom is a meditation app she uses, as well.  

You can listen to to Bailey's episode on Apple, Spotify, here, or other podcast platforms. 

Send Bailey some love and support on Instagram @mrs_dykema.


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