The Meaning Behind the Pause to Remember Logo

challenges crown chakra empowered green growth healing journey kelsey fitzgerald logo lotus flower pause to remember purple rebirth suffering symbol Apr 14, 2020
Pause to Remember Logo

Kelsey Fitzgerald, a graphic artist, took Amy's vision in a hand-sketched drawing to create the Pause to Remember to logo.

The lotus flower is a symbol in Eastern traditions.  It represents humans suffering, overcoming life's challenges, and personal growth to a place of spiritual enlightenment, rebirth, or self-regeneration. 

The struggles experienced while grieving after pregnancy and infant loss is like the lotus bud in dark, muddy waters.  The bud grows to the surface, emerging clean, and blooming into a beautiful flower.

From the darkness of our pain, we too can grow to the surface, release our suffering, and find beauty of our lives once again.

Kelsey carefully selected the colors.  Purple represents the crown chakra, associated with rebirth, serenity, joy, and a sense of knowing there is a deeper meaning in life.  Green represents growth and healing. 

May this logo help grieving women feel empowered to find space to process their emotions, find healing, and look back at their journey as a period of growth.

You can find more of Kelsey's work on Instagram @kfitz_design and her website

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