To Healthcare Providers Grieving After Pregnancy or Infant Loss...

What if you could STOP feeling lost, overwhelmed, or lonely?


What if you could START finding comfort with discomfort and gently honor your feelings while grieving after your pregnancy or infant loss?

To Healthcare Providers Grieving After Pregnancy or Infant Loss...

What if you could STOP feeling lost, overwhelmed, or lonely?


What if you could START finding comfort with discomfort and gently honor your feelings while grieving after your pregnancy or infant loss?

Is your grief...

Is grief after pregnancy or infant loss...



Threatening your career?




Impacting your relationships?



Hurting your well-being?

You are not alone.



  • Telling yourself to, "Get over it."

  • Distracting yourself with work.

  • Numbing the pain with junk food, alcohol, shopping, social media, or screens.



  • Reassuring yourself that you are having a normal, human response to a heartbreaking loss.

  • Reminding yourself it is OK to not be OK.

  • Asking for help.

Have You Been Trying To... 

  • force yourself to shower in the morning?

  • paste a smile on your face while telling everyone "I'm OK?"

  • believe in a higher power but are struggling?

  • put your head down and push through your day?


Maybe it is not working. 

Maybe you keep waking up hoping it will.


Maybe it is time to try something different.


4-Weeks of Mindfulness Based Grief Support

MNDFL Rx for doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers

Mindful Prescription

A mindfulness based grief support course offering for healthcare providers grieving after pregnancy or infant loss


No one teaches us how to grieve when we are growing up. 

  • This leaves you without any tools to deal with the apathy, tearfulness, anger, sadness, or irritability experienced when grieving after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss.

Because of the pandemic, staffing shortages, and supply chain issues, more demands are being placed on healthcare providers today. 

  • This leaves less time and space for self-care when you are grieving and need it most.

There is a sea of information floating around in books, podcasts, videos, and blogs. 

  • It can be overwhelming and time consuming to sift through.  This offering gets you started with organized content.

MNDFL Rx Course

  • Learn both formal and informal mindfulness based grief practices for busy, grieving healthcare providers in a safe community.
  • Come as you are.
  • 4-weeks of meditation, yoga, informal mindfulness practices (i.e. mindful eating), journaling, and live support via Zoom.


How would you feel if you had space to process your grief?

There is space for you to be just as you are.


  • waking up and feeling like you could get out of bed.
  • having tools to handle an unexpected trigger followed by a wave of grief.
  • sensing feeling empowered to guide your life moving forward.
Fatigue with grief

An offering for you.

Mindful Prescription

Small Group or 1:1 Options

Course overview

This 4-week mindfulness based grief offering will be online beginning January 2024.

It is designed to help grieving, female, healthcare providers build courage to process their emotions, strength to carry the weight of their grief, and resilience to help find a new norm after pregnancy and infant loss.

This course contains some some tools, creates space, and offers support to help you uncover your unique grieving path.

Six assignments most weeks (15-35 minutes/day) for four weeks will include:

  • formal practice (meditation and yoga)
  • informal practices (i.e. mindful walking, eating, etc) 
  • journal prompts
  • yoga is a gentle practice suitable to all levels (20-30 minutes)

Recognizing that healthcare providers have demanding and full lives, the homework is organized in a course format.  The course can be accessed through an app (Kajabi) for more flexible home (or call room) practice.

Group support on Sundays or Tuesdays is optional but encouraged.  


Who is this for?
  • RN, MD/DO, PA, NP, CRNA, CNM, PATIENT, OT, ST, RT, PharmD/RPh, LCSW, or other female, licensed, healthcare provider grieving after pregnancy or infant loss
  • Applying for AANA CEUs for September cohort


What are the options for completing this course?
  • Asynchronous with group support options on Sundays and Tuesdays
  • Group support will be available for six weeks


When does the group meet?
  • Course opens January 2024 

Time commitment?
  • 15-35 minutes most days
  • Why 6 weeks of group for a four week course? 
    • The first group meeting is for introductions and course overview.
    • Four weeks to reinforce the course work and encourage community building and support.
    • The sixth week is a bonus week or an opportunity to finish up.


Who is the course guide?
  • Amy Pelkey, MSN, CRNA, RYT 200


Program Goals

Have a greater sense of courage, strength, and resilience so you can create a new norm after loss while preserving your career, relationships, and well-being while honoring the memory of your baby.

At the end of the program, the goal is for participants to:

  • feel more comfortable with discomfort
  • less judgmental of their feelings
  • have some mindfulness tools to help them with their grieving journey

Practical applications of mindfulness will include:

  • mindfulness for triggering events such as a baby shower invitation or insensitive comment
  • mindfulness applied to work, relationships, and self-care
  • mindfully honoring your baby's life


  • A sense of curiosity
  • Computer or smartphone access, Internet access, printer
  • Yoga mat, 2 blocks, a blanket (a throw blanket will work)
  • Journal
  • Medical clearance from your healthcare provider to exercise
  • Waiver will need to be signed by the first day of class (via HelloSign)
  • Show your hospital ID or license (you can email me a photo or show me your badge in the group meeting the first week)


What is included
  • 24 - meditations

  • 6 - yoga practices

  • Informal mindfulness exerises

  • Journal prompts

  • Guidance on ways to preserve your baby's (babies) memory

  • Access to the course for 90 days

  • Email support from Amy


Other important information
  • This is not a replacement for therapy, counseling, or medical care.
  • Amy Pelkey is leading the group as a yoga and meditation teacher, not as a healthcare provider.  She is not offering any medical advice.
  • Every participant will have a different experience as grieving is an individualized process.  Therefore, there are no guarantees that this course will be the right fit for you and your needs.  
  • You may or may not benefit.  Like anything, you usually get out of a program what you put into it.  You will only know if you try.  
  • Refunds will be issued for medical reasons with a doctor's note.


  • $697  $497**

**NOTE: This course has been discounted because:
  1. You will be a "Beta Tester."  
  2. This offering has been expanded from an evening workshop to an online, more comprehensive 4-week offering specifically for healthcare providers.  You will be asked for feedback about your experience.
  3. Amy is a healthcare provider and yoga teacher, NOT a tech expert.  There may be some tech glitches along the way as she sorts out the tech side of this program.  Please be patient.

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Group Support

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Beginning January 2024

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