24. Chronic Pain After Pregnancy and Infant Loss with Macy Guisto, DPT

Macy Guisto, DPT talks about chronic pain after pregnancy and infant loss.

In this episode she talks about:

  • Risk factors - emotional overload, trauma
  • Pain after delivery or c-section
  • Identifying contributing factors
    • lack of sleep
    • emotional overload
    • constantly in "fight or flight" mode
    • stressors (like loss)
    • hormones
    • nutrition
  • Induced labor, epidurals, and c-sections have been shown to increase the risk of developing chronic pain
  • How do you make a plan and where do you start?
  • 3 Priorities
    • Give yourself grace
    • Start moving
    • Have a way to manage stress


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  • Music credit: Fractal of Light, by Chris Haugen