29. Chelsey Herzig, CRNA - The impact of loss on her career and marriage

Chelsey Herzig, CRNA works in a critical access hospital in Minnesota.  She talks about her daughter, Brynn, and the impact losing her has made in her life including her career and marriage.

Some of the things discussed include:

  • Infertility treatment
  • Process of diagnosing Brynn with a life limiting diagnosis (included a fetal MRI)
  • Decision to terminate the pregnancy in a larger facility with more resources
  • Anticipatory grieving
  • Experience of labor induction at ~21 weeks
  • Special urn made from a woman on Etsy (click here)
  • Maternity leave before gradually re-entering the operating room
  • Impact of infertility and loss on Chelsey's marriage
  • Therapy
  • Freezing eggs

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