33. Grief & Faith: Insights from Rev. Daryl Lavway

Reverend Daryl Lavway engages in a meaningful conversation with host Amy Pelkey, CRNA.  Leveraging his extensive ministry experience and role as a chaplain in a Level 1, academic, medical center, Daryl provides profound insights into the intersection of grief and faith.

Five key points discussed include:

  1. Unhelpful religious comments like, "It was God's will,” or "God needed another angel,” can be challenged with, "How do you know?"
  2. The complex relationship between religion and grief (including church)
  3. God grieves with us
  4. Using faith as a comforting tool if it feels right to you
  5. Avoiding isolation and seeking trustworthy support with an individual or community

Daryl's insights offer a fresh perspective on how to approach religious comments, embrace your faith, and seek meaningful support with the help of an individual or community. He reminds listeners to trust their instincts honoring the memory of your baby.  Read more here.

If you have questions or would like to connect with Daryl, email: [email protected].

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Music credit: Fractal of Light, by Chris Haugen