34. Support in Scrubs: Navigating Divorce and Loss as Healthcare Providers with Kelly Powers, CRNA & Divorce Coach

Kelly Powers, CRNA and Divorce Coach, offers invaluable insights and guidance for those facing the daunting prospect of a crumbling marriage amidst the burden of losing a baby.

The episode touches on several key points:

  • Kelly's Personal Journey: Kelly shares her own challenging divorce experience and how it led to her career as a divorce coach.
  • Compounded Grief: The discussion explores how divorce can intensify grief, especially after pregnancy or infant loss, and the reluctance of healthcare providers to seek emotional support.
  • Seeking Professional Help: Kelly stresses the significance building a team of professionals including a assistance early in the divorce process, whether through therapy, counseling, or working with a divorce coach.
  • Building a Support Team: Creating a support network a therapist, divorce coach, attorney, real estate agent, financial planner, etc.
  • Divorce Statistics Among Healthcare Professionals: Kelly highlights limited divorce statistics in the healthcare community, acknowledging that healthcare providers, due to their demanding careers, may face slightly higher divorce rates.
  • Impact on Children: The episode explores the impact of divorce on children and advises against exposing them to parental conflicts, notifying their teachers, seeking help from the school counselor, finding a play therapist if they are young, etc.
  • Working with a Divorce Coach: Kelly explains the process of working with a divorce coach, including an initial 90-minute consultation for personalized emotional support, legal guidance, and strategies for moving forward.

Virtual support group for healthcare professionals going through divorce - email Kelly if you are interested ([email protected])

You can find more about Kelly on her website, schedule a consultation hereor Instagram


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