Community Support

For Healthcare Professionals

colleagues who understand your grief after pregnancy or infant loss

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Feeling alone in your grief?

If you are a healthcare provider experiencing difficult emotions after pregnancy or infant loss, this support group was started for you. 

There are other providers like you who can understand the:

  • Triggers surrounding you at work
  • Daily clinical demands and stressors when you are running on empty
  • Desire to call in sick when the grief feels overwhelming
  • Wanting to stay in bed all day
  • Strain on your relationships with your spouse/partner, living children, family, friends, and co-workers
  • Unhealthy coping mechanisms that creep into your routines such as nightly drinking, binge watching Netflix to distract you from the pain, eating a quart of ice cream instead of a bowl, etc
  • Feeling of burnout at work and in your life

You are human.  This is all normal after a loss. 

Would it help you to hear other providers express these feelings?

Come as you are, regardless of how long ago you lost your baby. 

Join this one-hour virtual support group exclusively for healthcare providers grieving after pregnancy or infant loss.

  • When?  Second Monday of the month; 7:45-8:45pm EDT
  • Where?  Zoom
  • Cost?  Free

It’s Time To Make a Change

Let's talk about it...the messy parts, pain, frustrations and unknowns.

Come hear people say your baby's name.  Let's keep their memories alive while we honor our love for them.


Virtual Support Group

For Healthcare Professionals Grieving After Pregnancy or Infant Loss

2nd Monday of the Month

Mark your calendar.


Via Zoom

Get your link.


Ask, share, or listen.

Come as you are.  There are no expectations.


Amy Pelkey, CRNA and/or Whitney Jablonski, CRNA will serve as guides.

This is FREE to you.

Join the Virtual Grief Support Group for  Healthcare Professionals.

You are not alone.

This group is for licensed healthcare providers. You will receive emails from Pause to Remember.