Pause to Remember

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Dedicated to supporting healthcare providers grieving after pregnancy or infant loss or struggling with infertility.

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Preserve your career, relationships, and well-being while honoring the memory of your baby. 


You will find:

  • Providers sharing their grief journeys
  • Resources
  • Answers to common questions
  • Research
  • Mindfulness practices (meditation & yoga)

Get access to past episodes:

Pause to Remember You Tube Ep 1

🎧 5 min listen

Episode 1: Pause to Remember: Supporting Healthcare Providers Grieving After Pregnancy and Infant Loss
Pause to Remember You Tube Ep 2

🎧 33 min listen

Episode 2: Healthcare Providers: Incidence of Infertility, Pregnancy & Infant Loss: Research and Mindfulness                  

Meet the host of the YouTube Channel.

Amy Pelkey, MSN, CRNA, RYT 200
Amy Pelkey, MSN, CRNA, RYT 200

Amy is the founder of Pause to Remember, a community for healthcare providers struggling with infertility and the grief of pregnancy or infant loss. With her background as a nurse anesthetist, her personal experience as a loss mom, and her yoga teaching certification, Amy provides valuable resources and empathy. Through her YouTube channel and podcast, she offers hope and vital resources, providing a platform to address these challenging subjects. Amy warmly invites you to join this supportive community.

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